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As A few good men or women are needed in your area right now to do some interesting work from home as "Professional Finders".

As a Professional Finder, you can earn
of $5,000... $10,000... even $15,000 or more... from single transactions.

Read below right now for all the amazing facts...

and you can get started right away.

Imagine this...

It's 2:25 in the afternoon and you just heard a knock at your front door.

You open the door... and see a FedEx driver holding an overnight envelope.

You sign for it, rip open the envelope, and inside lies a check...

For $5,420.58!

The memo simply says "Finder's Fee"...

"Not too bad for a couple hours of work" you think to yourself.

You struggle to fight back the silly grin sprouting on your face... as you fold the check neatly into your wallet...

You know it's only the 10th of the month...

And all your bills and mortgage were already paid by the other check that was delivered to you yesterday...

This one... is pure "fun money".

Looks like you're getting that new WaveRunner you had your eye on sooner than you thought...

Now from where you sit... that situation may seem like a fantasy... checks just showing up to your door via FedEx.

But what if it wasn't?

What if it was your real life?

What if I told you there are...

of those checks available...

Just waiting to be picked up by people like you.

What if I told you that there are already... real people JUST LIKE YOU...

That are already out there... living this exact life.

Making more money in one day... than most work one month to receive.

With no advanced degrees or specialized knowledge.

No boss.

No time clock.

Living anywhere they like...

Skipping a day... a week... even a month of work... anytime they like.

Believe it or not...

Every word of that is true.

In the next few minutes on this web site... you'll see EXACTLY how to get your hefty slice of this money mountain... and you can actually start today.

That's right... you can actually get started TODAY. Right after you finish reading the information on this page.

Because you're about to meet a super-successful entrepreneur...

Who's quietly been earning record profits... with this "hidden-in-plain-sight" method.

Who's now TOTALLY DEDICATED to taking a handful of rookies with the right attitude... and showing em' EXACTLY how to do it.

And then handing them everything they need to profit RIGHT along side him... within just days.

With a System we call...

"The Cash Finder".

It's the only System... to date... that shows anyone... how to FIND -- and GET PAID on... hundreds-of-thousands of the largest transactions going on in the U.S. right now.

Right under your nose.

And within a matter of a few strokes on your keyboard... and clicks of your mouse... receive 4 and 5-figure checks FedExed directly to your home... called...

"Finder's Fees".

With absolutely NO risk...

NO investment and

NO selling of any sort...

And I know that's hard to believe.

I know COUNTLESS people have made these sorts of claims and it's been a lie...

"The Cash Finder SYSTEM" is quite possible the ONLY legitimate System that...

Does NOT demand you learn a complex set of new skills.

Does NOT demand you create a product.

Does NOT demand you learn to sell... market or anything of the sort...

"The Cash Finder SYSTEM"... enables ANYONE...

To join the ranks of the "underworked" and "overpaid"...

By simply following our automated formulas.

Often as simple as "COPY & PASTING" information... from one database... into another.

So you can have... your first BIG finder's fee check overnighted to you via FedEx... in as little as 7 days from now.

And I'm guessing it's about time...

I'm guessing you've had just about enough... of working a JOB (that may or may not have much security)... so you can make someone else rich.

Schlepping yourself to work... EVERY DAY... KNOWING it isn't the right job for you...

Going through life knowing that your REAL dreams... are on hold... indefinitely.

But have you ever noticed how those dreams don't ever really die?

How those unrealized aspirations... tug at your soul... constantly... like a cancer eating at you from the inside?

If that's you...


If that's anything like you...

You're in the right place...

There is one man that actually understands... where you're coming from.

Somebody who worked his way up from being out of work and out of luck... and who "get's it".

I'm talking about Lee Gilmore...

Only a few years ago, Lee had a dead-end job he hated... and a life going nowhere.

But he didn't expect it to end the way it did...

After almost a decade of faithful service in his industry... without warning, his company handed him a pink slip and told him to pack up his stuff.

He'd done nothing wrong. His job was simply eliminated due to down-sizing.

Being laid-off with no income coming in.

You can guess what started happening next.

The bills kept coming in... even though the income stopped! Bill collectors rang the phone right off the hook.

Lee found it harder and harder to even sleep at night... not knowing where he was going to come up with the money to keep paying the mortgage and everything else.

And he could barely look his wife in the eye.

At that point he did something most would consider EXTREMELY dangerous in this situation.

But for Lee... it was "do or die" time.

So with nothing to lose... he took the plunge... and decided he was NOT going to work for someone else.

He was tired of relying on others to provide for his financial security... and he was ready to create his own economy... his own job... and find his own way to generate an income.

He didn't know what it would be.

But he knew it had to be something that would allow him to get started with little or no money... but that would allow him to quickly replace the income he lost... and put him on the path of financial freedom.

He headed right down to his local Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

He grabbed a copy of Entrepreneur Magazine - which that month featured an article listing the "Top 100 Home-Based Businesses" and he started to go through each one - right there...

Most were costly... like expensive franchises... totally out of his reach. Others required very specialized skills -- that would take too long to acquire. These were not a solution.

But on page 91... he found it... right by the margin.

He noticed right there... a short mention of a "work from home" opportunity that required no experience... no special skills... just a telephone and access to the Internet.

Now you may be wondering to yourself, what exactly was this amazing home-based money-making opportunity that he found - that can literally put MASSIVE amounts of income into your bank account in just a few days?

The answer is:

Making money with "Finder's Fees".

Remember that phrase.

Because you're about to understand how it's the key to the EASIEST money you will ever make.

Did you know that one of the richest men in the world... made his money... as a FINDER... earning Finder's Fees!

It's true. His name is Adnan Khashoggi.

Saudi born... worth $5.9 BILLION DOLLARS at last count.

He got his start, and made his money even as a kid... and to this very day...


And here's what makes the "Finder" unique among all other entrepreneurs.

Finder's don't buy anything.

Finder's don't sell anything.

They don't create anything.

They don't market anything... ship anything... or even touch any merchandise...

All they do is FIND something that a BUYER really wants... introduce a buyer to the seller who's got it... and get paid handsomely for it.

This seemed just right for Lee.

Lee went on to learn that day... an easier and more profitable way to get started as a Finder... is to become a finder for...


Because with real estate, the fees are enormous... and the opportunities are virtually infinite.

Point of fact.

Did you know you can earn BIG Finder's Fees for simply finding specific kinds of houses that are all around you in YOUR area... in all areas of the country... WITHOUT a license or any prior training?

Neither did Lee.

Turns out... in every city... in every town... whether big or small... there were and still are... properties that are in HIGH DEMAND... RIPE to be plucked by a FINDER... for easy, hands free and massive cash windfalls.

In this economy -- especially -- there is an endless supply of Investor-Buyers here and abroad... who will gladly cut you super-sized finder's fee checks... to find these particular houses for them.

Best part?

You do NOT need ANY previous real estate experience...

You do NOT need a real estate "license" to get involved as a real estate finder...

You do NOT need ANY money or credit to be a FINDER...


You just need to share specific bits of information... to affluent individuals -- professional real estate Investor-BUYERS -- who will pay you through the nose for your effort.

Now you might be asking yourself... why do these investor-buyers need people like you and me to do this?

Why wouldn't they find these properties themselves?

Frankly, many times they are just too busy (or lazy) to do it themselves.

If you've ever spent much time with a wealthy person... you know they're USED to paying big money to have people do things for them to make their lives easier. After all, they can afford it.

All you have to do is FIND them what they are looking for... and you...


It's that simple.

Especially when you know HOW to find the particular properties these Investor-Buyers REALLY want.

When you do... they're buying... ...in EVERY city... in EVERY town... both big and small...

Including YOUR Area!

And another nice thing about this business model...

It has it's own economic trends... TOTALLY independent of the rest of the economy.

In fact, in an uncertain economy like the one we're in... the "finder business" BOOMS... as these Investor-Buyers eagerly snap up properties - some, as many as they can - while they're priced at the bargain prices we're now seeing.

What Lee seemed to have discovered was the last best secret of the business world.

His eyes widened... and he went all in.

Lee now lives the dream... living his life on his OWN terms... while earning good money in his spare time, whenever he wants - in...


If you're here... odds are you're sick of broken promises... and not getting the most out of the life you've got.

And you may desperately need something to pay off... or something that will take you to the next level.

And to you...

I can confidently say... after having been through the ringer...

You will never find anything FASTER and EASIER to start earning BIG CHUNK OF MONEY... than being a "Real Estate Finder".

It's the fastest way to get started.

And you've got one huge advantage in your corner... that Lee didn't have.

You've got Lee's experience. His guidance. And his money-making tools.

Which have all made your path to your first 4 or 5-figure Finder's Fee check... smooth as butter.

You see... over the years Lee he has PERFECTED this "FINDERS SYSTEM" specifically for finding certain types of houses (and the investors-buyers who want to buy them) and he's put his own unique "twist" on things.

In fact, he's developed his own method for doing the "finding" with no manual labor... no 'cold calling'... without getting in his car and going anywhere... without ever having to meet or do business with anybody face-to-face.

And he's about to spill the beans with YOU... on exactly how it's done.

Which means... YOU can become a Finder...

And actually START TODAY!

And you can possibly find your first Finder Fee opportunity by tomorrow!

Just imagine...

You can find one of these particular houses... and that one find could earn you $5,000.

Find another one... and that one could earn you $8,000.

The typical finder's fees that people earn with residential real estate can range anywhere from $3,000 on the low side... to $15,000 and more... per transaction.

How would an extra $15,000 added to your bank balance next week make you feel?

Fact is... FINDERS all over the country are getting BIG checks delivered to their front door via FedEx - or bank wired into their account - on a regular basis.

With less experience than you probably have right now.

And there is no reason why YOU shouldn't be getting your slice of this pie.

And now... The Cash Finder System has become so well developed and so refined... that if you can purchase a product online... you can do this.

Heck... if you can check email and do a Google search... you can do this!

Working... as little - or as much as you want... without ever leaving your home... while dressing however you want... with NO worries about how the rising cost of living is eating into your budget.

I've made you wait long enough... It's time to meet the man behind the machine.

Without further ado... here are the words of Lee Gilmore...

(Click the 'Play arrow' to start Lee's video below.)

Thanks, Lee.

Now it's time for you to learn just EXACTLY how easy this has become... with The Cash Finder System...

You see... Lee has perfected this FINDER'S FEE business in the real estate arena.

And has decided to flat out give you EVERYTHING you need to get started making HUGE finder's fees quickly.... in a single easy-to-follow, step-by-step online home-study program... via a comprehensive Membersite.

It's the same system used by COUNTLESS other students... to generate BIG CHUNKS of income... whenever they need it.

Here's How Your Cash Finder Training Works...

Immediately upon signing up, you'll be taken to our secure Membership Website.

You can access this Membership Site from any computer, smart-phone, or tablet... anytime and from anywhere in the world.

You'll learn The Cash Finder System via easy, 1-2-3, A-B-C, "self-paced training."

You can go through the simple, step-by-step lessons as fast or as slow as you like.

And here's exactly what's included with Lee's "Cash Finder System" Online Training Membersite:

You get...

This is where Lee cuts through nearly a decade of hustle and bustle... that you'll never have to go through yourself.

These training videos will teach you exactly what to do and how to do it, step-by-simple-step.

So your path to profits... is well lit... and comfortable and easy every step of the way.

We even give you the transcripts of the videos, that you can easily refer to.

You'll also receive...

This includes all the tools you could ever need to zoom in on profitable opportunities... with a matter of keystrokes on your computer.

It also includes templates... scripts... postcards... and an amazing one-page letter* that actually helps you pull these deals... right into your web effortlessly.

*WARNING: Lee's amazing one-page letter is so powerful that it can get response rates as high as a 30%. Mail just 100 of these letters and you could receive 30 "leads" for houses! You have to be careful not to mail too many at a time or you will be FLOODED with more deals than you can handle. In fact, we recommend that you start out with mailing only 50 of them.

Now let's talk about the "CROWN JEWEL" of The Cash Finder System...

Those who order The Cash Finder System today... will also get something you will not and CANNOT find anywhere.

It's PRICELESS any way you slice it.

It's the final piece in the puzzle for hands-free success with real estate Finder's Fees.

It is...

Where and how to get in front of the hungry Investor-Buyers who want to immediately buy the houses you find.

Yes, you heard that right... they WANT you to send them the deals you find!

Each time you find a house (using Lee's simple tools) that meets their simple criteria... you simply send these Investor-Buyers an email or a text message about the property. When they buy it, you earn your finder's fee.

These Investor-Buyers are very happy to work with you (NO experience required of you)... and will gladly pay you nice finder's fees.

Some may even turn into repeat buyers for you... making you even more money!

We'll show you exactly how to get in front of them in YOUR area.

PLUS how to connect with a network of these Investor-Buyers who want to buy the houses you find all over the country.

Note: We've been using the term "finder's fee" throughout this web page, which is also referred to as an "assignment fee". You are paid this fee because you "assign" the property you found to the investor-buyer... so he or she can buy it.

Your formula for success is...


You will never run out of profitable opportunities with this system.

To find, post, and get paid...

And YES it really IS THAT simple!

There's no long learning curve.

No expensive seminars to travel across the country to attend.

No gigantic box full of dozens and dozens of CDs, DVDs, and paper. This isn't about bulk. This is about quickly setting you up to make money.

We are going to give you INSTANT ACCESS to our complete "Private Password-Protected Online Training Membersite" containing everything you need to start making money right away...

This includes step-by-step VIDEO instructions... printed transcripts of the videos... and all the "tools" and templates you need!

It's ALL there... with simple, step-by-step instructions.

Everything you need to get started immediately is inside our "CASH FINDER MEMBERSITE: Finding & Wholesaling Houses System".

You can literally get started in a just a few minutes from now.


My guess is that after you start doing just a few of these... you will like the reliability of this business to provide you with a fantastic income... a LOT.

Just imagine... you making money easily and consistently in $3,000... $5,000... even $15,000 chunks.

Visualize that right now... because it CAN be REAL!

And believe it or not, you can do this with NO selling... NO chasing... NO hustling... NO risk... NO employees... NO hassles... and NO money out of your pocket.

And that's not all...

Besides the huge fees you can be earning every week, here are just a few more reasons why I think you will love becoming a CASH FINDER...

How many of these appeal to you?...

"Timing" is an important factor with most money-making opportunities...

And your timing for this happens to be PERFECT.

We stand right now... at quite possibly THE BEST time in the history of real estate... to get started with Real Estate Finder's Fees and The Cash Finder System.

Don't just take my word for it.

In a recent CNBC interview, multi-billionaire and one of the world's top investors, Warren Buffet, said that he considered single-family homes a very attractive investment right now.

In the interview Buffett said, "If it were practical to buy a couple hundred thousand single-family homes... I would load up on them."

Wealthy Investor-Buyers from all over the world agree as they are taking his lead and buying up as many properties as they can... and they need you to find them.


But there's more...

Because not only is "The Cash Finder System" recession proof, it's actually helped by an unstable economy.

All the serious economists agree that the real estate values are at record lows and the time to buy is now... at the bottom of the market.

These current low prices in real estate means: bargains, bargains, bargains for the Investor-Buyers you will be doing the finding for.

And these hungry, CASH-RICH investors want to buy real estate properties RIGHT NOW.

They're already in line for this and need your help.

They've raised their hand.

They're just waiting for YOU to find them these deals.

Even though it doesn't seem like much... you're providing a great service and a tremendous VALUE for them... and in turn they reward you handsomely with HUGE FINDER'S FEES!

In fact, these finder's fees are chump change to the Investor-Buyers who are paying them... because they are making a lot more money on the properties after they buy them.

Also, many Finders "graduate" to become cash-rich Investor-Buyers themselves! YOU too, can do this... if that's what you want!

The sky's the limit, when you're making this kind of money... in BIG CHUNKS!

WARNING: If you're not the one finding these properties for the Investor-Buyers... they WILL get found by somebody else near you.

EACH DAY YOU WAIT to get involved is money LOST that could have gone into your bank account instead.

If you are ready and willing, we are ready to show you how to get started NOW.

I know...

It's not every day you're invited to pass through a "secret door", to have a "backstage pass" to a business most people have no idea even exists... where thousands of people make thousands of dollars every month.

We have put years of knowledge and insider secrets into a proven SYSTEM to help you break into this business without any risk whatsoever...

Our mission is to help a handful of hopefuls break free of the rat race as fast as possible, and create a lifestyle of financial freedom for themselves so they never have rely on someone else for a paycheck ever again.

And we are extending this invitation to YOU...



Just imagine... by this time next week you could have your first HUGE CHECK in your hands!

So are you gonna join us?... Or walk away wondering what could've happened if you did.

It's your choice.

Now you may be wondering... about this cost of The Cash Finder System.

And I have excellent news on that front...

Even though other programs sell for upwards of $997 with LESS value than what you're about to receive...

You won't pay $997...

Not even $497...

You won't even pay $197.

You see, Lee remembers what it's like to struggle financially... and he knows times are tough right now for some.

But mostly, he realizes that people are skeptical of investing a lot of money in something they have not tried yet.

So he wanted to make sure that individuals who were SERIOUS about TAKING ACTION and making a financial change in their life once-and-for-all could get started without money being a barrier...

Therefore he has decided to price this entire home-study program...

UNDER $100!

That's right, when you TAKE ACTION today, the one-time fee for the entire "Cash Finder System"... which includes instant and lifetime access to our Private Online Member Training Site...

Is just $99.

Yes, that's it...

And just to be clear, this is a ONE-TIME FEE. This one-time fee gets you everything you need to start earning finder's fees immediately.

Your first finder's fee pays for that many times over.

And who knows, FedEx could be showing up with your first $5,000 or $10,000 check in just days from now!

PLUS... by ordering right now, we'll also give you a very valuable FREE BONUS:

A FREE One-On-One, 30-Minute Fast Start Consultation via phone with one of our top Real Estate Finder Experts.

During this free, one-on-one Strategy Session, we'll discuss with you...

The best way for you to get started earning Finder's Fees immediately A review of our proven Quick Start System What's working best in YOUR AREA right now

During this free 30-Minute Strategy Session, we will put you on the fast track to earning finder's fees and we'll also answer any questions you may have.

We are providing this FREE 30-minute call to you because we TRULY want to help you succeed with this money-making opportunity.

Look, if you are at a point where you want more out of life -- including more money -- then please... let nothing interfere with you taking IMMEIDATE ACTION.

This wonderful business can totally change your life.

Join us... without any risk! You'll be glad you did.

Don't watch others get started making lots of money in your area while you get left behind.

Step up to the plate and take action now. Because this closes the moment we reach capacity... and that could happen at any moment.

If you see the order button below... that means you're one of the fortunate ones... who can still get in.

Place your order NOW for "The Cash Finder System", and you could have your first BIG FINDER'S FEE in just a matter of days.

Just click the orange button below to get started TODAY.

You will be taken to a 100% SECURE online order page so you can get started instantly. You'll get instant, immediate access to everything you need.

And to ensure you always come out on top... no matter what happens... we're making the following Money-Back Guarantee.

Try The Cash Finder System for a FULL ONE YEAR.

If at ANY time you are unhappy with it for ANY reason... as trite as it may seem... you tell us and immediately upon your request your $99 membership fee is refunded directly to you... 100%... by our spectacularly responsive team.

No explanations are required or will even be read.

Because our team is on strict orders to refund on every request... upon request... IMMEDIATELY... even if it's one year from today.

This structure has been designed to give you... A FULL ONE YEAR window to experience first hand... the joy and ease of nearly automated finder's fee profits.

NOTE: We do need to make it clear that most people involved in this business do earn fees that range from approx. $3,000 to $15,000 for each house they find and successfully wholesale flip to an Investor-Buyer. But, these may not prove to be "average and typical results" for everybody over time. There's no way to know that now. So, these are not meant as representations of what your income will be. Different peoples' results will vary a lot.
We can't guarantee your income. But we do guarantee that this Plan will teach you step-by-step a solid and proven money-making principle, and that it will "pass your inspection" or you get your money back without question.

Remember all profits generated are yours to keep and spend.

No strings attached.

Click The "Play Arrow" On The Video Below To See A SPECIAL FREE OFFER
From Lee Gilmore...

So now that all the risk is off your shoulders... and onto ours... it's time to decide.

And I know making that leap into something new and exciting comes with its share of hesitation.

Everyone has it.

But it's what you do with it that counts.

The perpetually poor run from that fear.

The rich... run TOWARDS it.

Because they know the fear is nothing more than an imaginary wall between you... and the life (and money) you really deserve.

Just think...

Paying off and cutting up your credit cards.

Paying off and ripping up your mortgage.

A home that's SERENE and peaceful.

Vacations whenever you want.

Buy a new car if you want.

Money flowing into your bank account.

Early retirement.

It's all possible... right there... beyond that button below.

A proven path is in front of you.

Already taken by so many who came before you.

The technology and resources have been handed to you.

To give you every possible advantage.

The next move... is your move.

Are you going to sit and wait for your existing income to be the next casualty?

Or, are you gonna really OWN this?

If you're ready for your new life...

Here's your next step...

Simply click the orange button below.

To find out if there are still "Cash Finder" slots available to you in your area.

If there are... you'll be taken to an order page where you'll securely post your order information.

If the spots are already filled in your area... you'll be taken to a page that looks like this.

And now I'll leave you to make your move. And find out if you qualify.

And as you do... just remember...

That it is your small act of bravery today... that will make today THE DAY... that changed everything for you.

Hit the button now...

You have nothing to lose with the generous ONE-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

And on behalf of Lee Gilmore the entire team here at The Cash Finder... we look forward to working with you.

Here's a final parting personal message from Lee for those of you who are still here...

Click the button below to start making money with The Cash Finder System...